As an One-Stop Human Capital Solution Provider,Ahmed & Company is committed in providing the Best Recruitment and Outsourcing Facilities.


Providing both temporary and permanent services. We source, screen, aggregate, train and develop skill sets in our in-house training facility to provide world class skilled and technical individuals as per client’s requirements.


We provide managed recruitment solutions across Asia. Our consultative and collaborative approach aims to reduce clients’ costs while addressing key quality indicators such as time-to-fill and retention. Furthermore, Ahmed and Company possesses a Data Bank of experienced manpower local and overseas from which clients can select required and appropriate manpower based on their needs.

List of ServicesOffered

  1. Sourcing for suitable candidates according to the job specification given by the Employer.
  2. Screening the pool of candidates before the recruitment exercise.
  3. Organizing and coordinating the recruitment exercise and ensuring the shortlisted candidate interview attendance and trade tests barring unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Arrange trade testing facilities.
  5. Conduct trade testing and selection, if the Employer chooses to delegate the responsibility.
  6. Make proper arrangement in Bangladesh for medical examination, passport, manpower clearance and all travel related documents for the selected workers.
  7. Prepare, arrange, co-ordinate and ensure arrival of the workers from Bangladesh to the workplace.

8. If required, escort the workers and assist the Employer during the induction.

9.  As per notice of information from the employer, to arrive immediately to the location   as informed by the Employer and assist the Employer in resolving major trouble or disturbance, if any, caused by the workers.

10. Welfare and aftercare service of employee’s families in case of difficulties and compassionate problems.

11. Reception and delivery of sick personnel or their remains to their homes.

12. To bear the repatriation cost in the event of:
i) Any worker failing the medical examinations upon arrival.
ii) Any worker leaving/resigning from service of dismissal on disciplinary grounds during the probationary period.


The company primarily collects potential manpower from the following organizations


Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

Chittagong Dry-Dock

Khulna Shipyard

German Technical Institute

Mawts Institute of Technology

Sonakanda Dockyard & Engineering Pte Ltd.

Hospitality Training Institutes

Government and Private Polytechnic

Bangladesh Institute of Marine Technology

Dockyard & Engineering Works Ltd.

Public & Private Agriculture Universities

Public & Private Nursing Institutes

Apart from the aforementioned sources, the HR department of Ahmed & Company has established Centre for Vocational Training (CVT) – a Technical Collaboration with Singapore, which produces skilled and semi-skilled human resources with strong communication skills required for the Shipyards, Oil & Gas ( onshore & offshore ), Construction, Maintenance, Healthcare, Agriculture, Processing, Healthcare, Hospitality and other industries in Asia.

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