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Centre for Vocational Training (CVT),  a sister concern of Ahmed & Company, had been set up to elevate the technical competencies of Bangladeshi workers in marine and offshore trades for employment locally and abroad. Established in close collaboration with training consultants and technical experts in Singapore, CVT offers courses in Welding, Steel Work, Pipe Work, Scaffolding, Blaster-Painting, Marine Mechanical and Electrical Work.
CVT's primarily objective is to train a pool of highly competent marine and processing industries' tradesmen who are able to work in the-most challenging and demanding environments anywhere in the world. It seeks to provide affordable training in both theoretical knowledge and practical know-how for workers who aspire to attain the highest skills in marine and processing industries.
All syllabi at CVT are based on highest attainable skills standards recognized by Singapore's world renowned marine industry and the island state's oil and gas processing industry. CVT is proud to secure the services of experienced Singaporean trainers who have trained many workers in Singapore's marine and process industries. These trainers, who have also served in the marine and offshore entities, are able to share with trainees their hands-on work experiences and the demands of working on site.
At CVT, the syllabi are carefully crafted by experts and trainers who are familiar with the skills standards of shipyards and petrol chemical plants. The theoretical and practical components of welders, steel work, pipe work, marine mechanics and electrical work courses are skewed towards actual work and classification standards requirements.
As with the marine and processing industries the world over, safety knowledge is given special emphasis and is built on as an integral part of the syllabi. Besides skills competency, CVT also offers to upgrade trainees' competency in English Language and Shipyard Safety. For career progression, a highly skilled worker needs language competency. English is an international business language. A skilled worker who is able to read, write and speak English opens himself to higher qualifications and better career prospects. A good working knowledge of English is essential for career development in global industries such as that of marine and processing industries. CVT aims to eventually develop into a world class technical institute offering broad base training for skilled marine and processing industries' workers not only in their trade skills but also in other soft skills such as language competency, supervisory skills, quality awareness and safety management. CVT started off with Welding, steel work and pipe work. The first intake of 195 trainees for each trade commenced in January 2014. The entry requirement is Higher Secondary education and above and age should be 25 years maximum. If you are interested in join CVT as the pioneer batch of trainee, come on in and check it out at:
Holding No.: 20/3, Block # B, Bangabandhu Road,  
Ashulia, Savar,
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone:  +8801730063596+8801730063597
Email: cvtwtc@gmail.com
Website: http://www.cvtbd.com
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Room 2-11, 5th floor, Eastern View
50 DIT Extension Road.
Dhaka - 1000